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January 31st, 2013

Recently I had the pleasure of joining a group of interior designers as part of the Passport to Design Bloggers Tour for the day. The delightful Yvonne from Designer Bath planned and herded us from store to store where we got to explore check out new products, which was a very different experience not under the pressure of a normal day’s time-table! Well; and there was some champagne involved. Always a lovely thing when shopping for expensive product!  To share a smidge of my day – here is my fabulous favorite item from each stop:

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Circle Furniture – I fell in love with the green leather first and then the shape and form of this American Leather chair and ottoman – fun for one or 2 to cozy up in. Also a striking addition to any room.

Tile By Design – This neat shape is actually a teak tile, not quite a moroccan shape, but very interesting. I liked the scale and color. They call it ‘AnTeak’. Not sure if that is clever or campy.

Salem Plumbing & Designer Bath - I have a current obsession with Kallista’s ‘One’ line. This sexy faucet is just a stunner and luckily we have one going in an upcoming project!

Landry & Arcari – We got an education while there on some product, which was nice. As designers we’re always moving so fast, slowing down to take in some new knowledge from experts was great. I fell in love with this hide rug sewn together in a herringbone pattern – hello awesome!

Lucia Lighting & Design – Lucy gave us a whirlwind tour where I got distracted by a sparkly object – these yummy Studio Be Vetro hand blown glass pendant lights. Not the most practical things (but how many beautiful items are!) but check out the pattern of light spilling on the walls. Just gorgeous how as a designer we can play with the experience of a space, not just the function.

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  1. DAWID says:

    Great blog with lots of inspiration. Congratulations perseverance and mobilization. I hope you persevere and just as you are. Cheers and forward :)

  2. Thanks for spending the day with us on our Passport to Design tour, Kristina! We enjoyed having you as our guest! -Yvonne

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