On the Road: Brimfield or Bust!

May 21st, 2013

We came, we saw, we bought, we dropped. Yup, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

Saturday I packed up the truck with straps, cords, moving blankets and a pile of cash and met up with Stacey, another designer friend Becky and my Mom and we hit the road to Brimfield. Getting up at the crack of dawn paid off and we hit almost no traffic and scored great parking. A little mimosa mixed and we started walking.

This year we ended up going almost at the end of the show since I couldn’t free up mid week time, so it was pretty picked over. I had a massive list of items I was looking for for projects and unfortunately we didn’t find much – or what we did wasn’t a huge deal. It’s a bummer that a ‘flea market’ seems to have become something that the masses go to so the idea of a good deal is harder to find. ┬áThat all said I did manage to find a killer pair of bottles that we will be making into lamps on one project, yet another bottle for a clients bottle collection we are working on, some fish floats to accessorize a coffee table and a small globe for my growing globe collection. All was not lost. Especially since we packed a nice picnic of assorted food and sangria’s for a little mid flea market nosh sitting in the bed of the truck. Not our first rodeo!

Sooner or later I’ll share some progress photos of our bottles that will become lamps, we met on site yesterday to talk sockets and custom shades. They are going to be SO good!

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