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We wear two hats here quite often; that of interior design and decorating. While the tile was being grouted we needed to get busy on art selection and accessories. I hit Eugene Quinn‘s in Rockport, looking for something bright but loose, more like studies for larger paintings. So I packed up the rug and some materials and headed off. It was a blast to hunt through all the pieces and of course borrow tons to drag to the site. Thanks Eugene!

Kristina Crestin Design _ art shopping E Quinn

Photos by Sandra Kimball. If you want to visit Eugene he’s on Bearskin neck in Rockport.

We’re working on yet more bathrooms, seems all we do is carry around tile from meeting to meeting and back again! I am working through some ideas for a masculine bath with a clean industrial edge. We saw this great geometric tile from Ann Sacks and liked it allot – it’s a great building block for our concept. I pulled the Kallista Ver Stil vanity as I thought it was a nice modern pairing with the tile, great hardware details and a slim metal leg. The thick stone counter top too has a nice weight to work with the concrete tiles. Here’s hoping the client likes it as much as I do!

Kristina Crestin Design_Bathroom blog post

Materials studio shot: Ann Sacks Paccha by Popham Design tiles with a blue tile also from Ann Sacks. The white sink base is from Kallista, the ‘vir stil‘ that Laura Kirar designed. Sconce from Urban Electric Co, and Kohlers ‘pinstripe‘ faucet that you can get from our friends at Designer Bath.


I somehow recently got hooked up with the ladies of a new magazine Beantown Mom and did an interview with them as relates to design. That was fun and I was looking forward to being included in a coming issue. Then they asked for a pic of me in my home. Great, sounds good. Fast forward a few weeks after and they mentioned they would like to shoot my house. Yikes! Cobblers kids shoes here. We’ve barely worked on our house! I even still have my (gasp!) sofa from college since I haven’t gotten around replacing it. They were here this evening with Daniel from Eleven Media shooting me and the house, even Cooper. Looking forward to seeing photos .. or living in fear of them. Not sure. They shot the bedroom too which I realized we still have night stands that Kirby made in shop in high school – oh dear! Sooner or later I’ll get around to working on my own house …..  will share photos when I see them!

Kristina Crestin Design

Check out a current digital issue of Beantown Mom and Daniel was fun to work with, definitely on the same page, check him out at Eleven Media.


Teaser alert! Some of our barn board got up this past weekend. I’ll be putting together a little montage to share shortly … I am just behind the 8 ball as Monday we had the internet down for the morning – what a way to throw off your week! Hopefully this pic will hold you over …. stay tuned

Kristina Crestin Design Blog Post_barnboard wall pic

Barn board is from: Nor’East Architectural Antiques

Product Love: Niche Modern

April 20th, 2013

It’s a really nice experience to see work that was accomplished a while ago and still love it as much as when we first made the decisions. Such is the case with this half bath and the stunning Niche Modern pendant lights. The client is moving and we’re taking the lights with us. (Oh dear, that’s me using the royal ‘we’ again!) We were just standing there matching up tiles and colors for the new house to the existing lights trying to decide where we were are going to put them. Stay tuned as we make progress on the new space.

Kristina Crestin Design _Niche modern

Top photo: Our Half Bath with the Pharos pendant light in color smoke. Bottom photo: All the amazing shape options from Niche’s Modern‘s web site.

Nothing like a quick road trip to sift through piles of barn board to put a girl in a good mood. We need some nice silvery barn board for our own half bath and we’re doing a clients mudroom bath ceiling in barn board – it’s just been a matter of finding the time to get up to Nor’East Architectural Antiques. We got there the other night with about 30 minutes to close; so I had to be focused, absolutely no ‘shiny object’ moments! (though there were so many drool worth salvage pieces to look at!) Many thanks to the owner John for putting up with my desire to sift through piles and piles and to Kirby, my husband for always being so patient with my need to always find just the right item. Of course he has the fun job of installing all this barn board too. We’ll check back in with you shortly to share progress!

Kristina Crestin Design_Blog Post barnb oard buying

If you want to visit Nor’East Architectural Antiques they are just up 95, not far into New Hampshire. Be sure to check the hours before you go.  They are at 16 Exeter Road in South Hampton, NH.


“The Job Site Visit”: both exciting and fun (to see everything coming together) and yet also at times a bit scary (uh-oh, the amazing round metal mirror we picked doesn’t fit between the initial sconce locations!).  Oh, what fun it is to see the gorgeous and glossy Ann Sacks tile go up on the shower walls.  The Pistachio Limestone on the floor is from Discover Tile at the Boston Design Center; both handsome and rich, it’s a perfect counter to the sparkly gloss on the walls.  Also installed and looking spectacular is our custom-designed walnut vanity, built by Premier Builders in Georgetown, who (aside from being one of our “go-to” contractors) often build custom pieces for us in their cabinet shop.  Thanks everyone to keeping this job running smoothly…and moving that darned sconce over a touch to accommodate that perfect mirror we found!

Kristina Crestin Design _ Tile install jobsite

- Stacey



More project  process update! Once the materials palette was nailed down the client was interested in some layout options for the flooring. We pulled together some quick sketches to share some options, from a simple herringbone (my favorite) , a subtle border or just a straight grid.  Any favorites?

Kristina Crestin Design_Job progress

When I client says ‘I am thinking of using turquoise’ (or insert aqua here) I feel a pitter patter in my heart. Those of you who know me clearly know I have an addiction, perhaps even a sickness when it comes to the spectrum of these tones – so I am in my bliss when a client suggests it! I’ve been working allot with turquoise/aqua and navy the last year as I found this stunner of a rug from Steven King. The materials palette came together rather quickly after that. Here’s hoping the pricing falls in with our budget!  Don’t miss the piece of art I am coveting for my own house from Christian Hazel or the vintage Murano glass lamps!

Kristina Crestin Design_Turquoise and Navy Dining Room

Materials vignette is our Studio shot and the stunning art is from Christian Hazel that I found on Tumbler. We’re looking for something local similar.


Tonight was the launch party for the 2nd edition of the CRAVE Boston book, of which we’re a part of this year. Because of too many meetings I missed the actual party but was able to dash into the event to grab my box of books! Fabulous little guides that has a mission that aligns with my personal thoughts – giving business locally and even better – to women owned businesses! Heck ya!

The ‘spread’ is on line too: CRAVE Boston: Kristina Crestin Design 

Check out some of the other businesses in the area too!

Kristina Crestin Design_ Crave Boston book

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