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In July we got to do a couple guest blog posts for New England Home, here is post one which went up yesterday!  My own bathroom – it’s not quite done but it’s getting there! Especially check out my killer light switches out outlets from Adorne – I show everyone who walks in our door!

Blog Post 72_Guest Blog Post NE Home JPG

Check out the original post here: New England Home Blog

Now that I shared the fun images, here is so progress up to date. The layout was not useful for maxing out the storage in the space so we looked at centering the opening for a true galley kitchen. Walls got demolished … and we ran into some surprise structural that messed with our pantry design – love how you can never plan with renovations! Quartzite herringbone floor went in and cabinetry is now set. Not the most glamourous photos – but nice to see it come along. Stay tuned for the cabinetry being painted sea green and the Moroccan tile install to start!

Blog Post x_Hood construction progress JPG

I think I shared forever ago that we were installing barn board in our own half bath as I always think half baths are an opportunity to take risks or go for the fun factor. Our plans started with the idea of pulling out the pedestal sink that was awkward and putting in a chunky ‘floating’ slab that goes wall to wall across the space – then installing the barnboard behind that.

The stone we’re still looking for the right remnant so for now my carpenter extraordinaire  husband put in a temporary plywood counter that I painted up a bit that will hold us over until that piece falls into place. I also roped him into painting my new mirror bright yellow to match my soap dispenser. I couldn’t figure out what accent color I wanted (and clearly we couldn’t live with just a white mirror). I have too much turquoise in my life to begin with, I think if I did the mirror that color my friends might start twitching! I saw a great Meyers hand soap in a perfect yellow. Sold! I took that to the hardware store in search of a yellow spray paint to match and viola! Done! Actually it was probably more painful than that. Kirby taped out the mirror and made a semi circular cardboard template for spraying. Worked out nicely though. Stay tuned for more progress. We’re getting there. The shade fabric is on backorder until late August, and I bet our counter won’t be figured out till then. But we’re getting closer.

Blog Post x_our house powder room progress JPGBarnboard from Nor’East Architectural Antiques.


I settled down this morning for a little coffee and design magazine time and instantly saw a kitchen I liked in the newest Elle Decor, July/Aug issue. Turns out it’s Bobby Flay’s own kitchen and it has turquoise cabinets (well, muted turquoise if we want to get more specific). Looking further I saw their entire kitchen floor is the exact tile that was our plan B pattern and color on the stone cottage job, a blog post a couple days ago. How fun! No wonder I like it. Elle Decor should totally publish ours, just sayin’. More progress photos on that job to come.

Check out the full article here.

Blog Post 69_Bobby Flays kitchenPhoto scanned from Elle Decor magazine.


Lovely way to start a day – seeing a tweet from New England Home linking me to a mention on their blog. I am the ‘designer snapshot’ today! Stay tuned … I’ll be guest blogging for them next week and later this month.

See the full Post here: New England Home Blog

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Surprise surprise – I am working on a job with a lovely sea green color! I didn’t suggest this, really. This client, whom I’ve worked with before has a love of sea green, so working on another space with her  was a blast; since clearly I am no stranger to the world of blue-greens.

We played around with lots of palettes and materials, looking to achieve something that didn’t appear too new, as the kitchen is located in an old stone cottage – but still somehow had our favorite color worked in. It is a tiny tiny awkward space, so the layout was a challenge and materials could be as well. We ended up taking a risk and going for an all over pattern, counter to ceiling in the whole kitchen. Having that approved I pitched painting the cabinets a color rather than a linen white as she was already familiar with. That was a go too! Dreamy. Happy girl here.  The cabinet doors are going to be a subtle v-groove full overlay door to keep it simple.

We had to go through a round of custom strike-offs, which was a great process as this final design was a last minute add I noted on the fly when standing in Discover Tile  finalizing the order. Good thing for samples! It was like Christmas when they came in – see below. Those were some fun boxes to unpack. Shots showing the tile pattern repeat are below as well. Install is starting soon!

Blog Post 67_Cottage Kitchen tile JPGIf you are interested in the tile call Discover Tile , 617-330-7900.


A Day in the Life ….

July 2nd, 2013

Be prepared for everything – yup, our motto as designers (did I rip that off from the Boy Scouts!??). A normal day around here can be productive or like a circus side show! A large tractor trailer showed up on our road this morning with a palette of boxes and proceeded to tell me we have a ‘curb side’ delivery that he was going to leave at the end of our drive. Lovely. Just a normal day around here! Thank goodness for an extra truck that we could back up down the road and help him unload it onto the bed of the truck. Certainly can’t do that with the Mini! Now to open them and see what goodies we have!

Kristina Crestin Design Blog Post

It’s neat lately how often we’re working with other finishes besides the tried and true satin nickel. This design is slowly getting pulled together as we have been looking at materials and lighting. It’s being developed passively as we work on other things, which is nice as when you have more time you can really work through an idea and concept. I’ve been dreaming about the Ralph Pucci Lianne Gold sconce, so its pretty thrilling to work it into a design. That combined with the Rocky Mountain Bronze sink – the Alturus apron front – holy wow!~

Blog Post layout algea oceanside glass

Rocky Mountain Deck Mount Faucet, Ralph Pucci Lianne Gold sconce . Glass tile Oceanside Glass, Sink Rocky Mountain Bronze sink Alturus apron front.

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