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What a treat!  This past Sunday Kristina, Kelly and I were invited to join an exclusive Northshore Magazine party held at the Myopia Polo Hunt Club in South Hamilton.  The party was held in honor of the 3rd Annual Northshore Magazine Cup.  This was my first polo event and man, oh man, was it a good one!  Catered by Timothy S. Hopkins Catering we had food a-plenty for the entire afternoon; noshing on such yummy treats as mini grilled cheese sandwiches, filo-wrapped asparagus and tuna tartar to name a few.  But enough about the food…how about the polo, you say?  Great fun to watch – I cannot imagine the talent these riders (women and men on the winning team, I might add) must possess to play this game.  At one point we even had a rogue horse running around the field with no rider!  All in all we had a wonderful time, thank you Northshore Magazine for hosting such a wonderful and spot-on event and letting us take part.  Hope we see you next year!

Kristina Crestin Design Myopia Polo

Stacey Signature medium

All photos above taken by one of us here at Kristina Crestin Design!  The yellow “ticket” at the bottom was given to us for entry to the event by Northshore Magazine.

Not So Serious Art: Eli Halpin

August 24th, 2013

OK, so I shared affordable art the other day, but now I am slightly obsessed with Eli Halpin’s work.  I was looking for some not so serious pieces of original art with pops of color – check out this piece ‘Four Roosters‘ – Love it!  Sadly it’s in a store in Oregon so I can’t visit it to check it out Darn! The sheep with the vivid blue background too would be killer in a small space.

Kristina Crestin Design_94_Eli Rooster painting JPG
For sourcing of each piece: Top Four Roosters are in OR, The Longhorns are in a gallery in TX, The Tiny Sheep is also in TX,

KC signature Affordable Art

August 20th, 2013

Affordable art is always hard to find, it’s usually quite the hunt. I went back to my bookmarks this morning and saw some new stuff from Greenbox – they manage to have some colorful fun stuff often that doesn’t look like hotel art – like so much of the affordable art does!

The 3 deer from artist Eli Halpin caught my eye for a quirky little space I am working on. Greenbox reproduces the original work on canvas and you can order in 3 sizes, 24×24, 39×39 and a nice super large size of 48×48 – which at $305 is a steal! Check out some other pieces of hers that are fun!

Kristina Crestin_93_Greenbox art JPG

Top image snapshot of’s virtual art show catalog.  Deer from artist Eli Halpin, reproduced as canvas wall art from Greenbox. Rest of the images are from the  Greenbox web site.

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Morning! Working on the last pieces of a couple kitchen designs this morning and pretty excited. This past spring Better Homes & Gardens reached out asking if I would do ’1 kitchen, 2 budgets’, for their winter Kitchen & Bath Special Issue.  It’s basically an exercise of designing 2 kitchens in totality and submitting it to them with drawings, pricing, specifications and samples. No client! We just needed a before space and photos to work with. I chose my own kitchen, not that it’s outdated and horrible, but it’s pretty builder basic. It’s been a blessing and a curse to work through the design ideas. Now I am dying for a new kitchen! Stay tuned as shortly we’ll be sharing some product research and images.

Kristina Crestin Design_92_BHG vignette

Studio Shot above

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Nothing like forgetting something good was happening only to be surprised when it finally pops up! A couple emails and the phone ringing later had me popping over to Houzz to see one of my projects as Kitchen of the Week! How cool! Love this kitchen, glad to see others do too.

Kristina Crestin Design_Houzz kitchen of the weekPhotos on Houzz taken by Jamie Salomon, architecture on this project by Olson Lewis and GC was Dunn Builders.

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Recently we finally had a furniture move in for a fun project in Essex that we have been sharing some install shots of over the last couple months. After the stress of building a new home this day is usually an exciting one for the client as well as for us too. What made it exponentially more exciting for me was we were taking delivery of our (notice the use of the work ‘our’!) Angela Adams ‘spike’ rug. I was beside myself with excitement waiting for the truck to show up. I’ve been coveting it for my own house and still have yet to own it. I am super happy with how it worked out in this Living Room, especially with the ‘pickle’ colored painted chairs from Circle Furniture arriving the same day and looking great with it! I can’t wait as we start to layer more furniture into the space with drapes and accessories. It’s always nice working with a client that you have a blast with doing design that is close to my personal design aesthetic!  I’ll share as we make progress.

Kristina Crestin Design_90_Angela Adams rug install JPGPhotos taken on site.

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Nothing like a leisurely Sunday morning out with family and friends. Yesterday I joined my mom and a friend to wander Smolak Farms in Andover for their Antique & Classic Car Show. Lovely morning in the sunshine – and so much inspiration! This stunning 67′ Camaro RS caught my eye because of the killer kelly green color (which is officially ‘rally green’). The couple who owned it restored it, the before pictures were pretty amazing the amount of work it took to get it to where it is now!  Anyhow, since I can never shut work off it helped a boys bath design fall into place. Thinking black penny round tile floor with chrome pendant lights with black shades. Oh ya, and of course a kelly green Tolix stool – Yes!

Kristina Crestin_kelly green camaro jpg

Camaro photos I took yesterday at Smolak Farms Antique & Classic Car Show in Andover, Tolix stool from Industry, hanging pedants from Rejuvenations, Faucet Kohler Bancroft Collection.

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This is always the BEST part of a job – when you actually see all the pieces fall into place. I showed up with trepidation – I wasn’t sure if Ralph (tile guy) was going to kill me because of the Moroccan tile – the pattern that had to be figured out and the fact that it was handmade,  making install a challenge. Thank goodness he’s so talented! Next step: Grout – then were DONE!

Blog Post_85_Cottage kitchen tile jpg

Custom seafoam and blue Moroccan tiles from Discover Tile. Cabinetry by David McWilliams – 978.314.2766; Painting by Steve Stasiak – 978-317-2022; GC: Kettle Cove Builders – 978.778.4104, Plumbing: Goodall Plumbing & Heating Inc – 978-778.4104; Electrical: Manchester Electric - 978.526.1194.

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On the Tracy Glover bandwagon I mentioned recently we had already purchased some Tracy Glover sconces, which we did for this guest bath. The color match was fortuitous – we already had selected the floor to ceiling shower wall tile when we picked the glass swirl colorway. It was like Christmas when these came in the mail and we finally got to see them in person with our tile! We’ve been working on a new construction project over the last year and we can’t wait to start sharing some of our design development with you! Don’t mind the title … the house used to be a large stucco house, pink. The whole darn thing. Not lying! We call it affectionally ‘big pink’. Can’t wait to start sharing you all our progress!

Blog Post_x_MIL bath jpgPhotos from our studio.

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Just this last Friday I had a partial day off to head home to help my Mom and Dad move some final things out of my childhood house and I conveniently made a trip to Tracy Glover‘s studio which was ‘on the way’. And by ‘on the way’ I mean totally out of the way but at least part of the trip was pointed in the right direction! We purchased some pieces for a job a few months ago and the client and I were still enamored by her work; so we figured out how to weave more of Tracy’s pieces into the job! Here they were getting ready to assemble our lamps for the Master Bedroom next and a shaded pendant light with a striped blown glass finial – so excited!

It was pretty neat to see all the stations and staging areas to really understand all the hand work that goes into each piece being completed, even just the wall of harp sizes needed for different lamp shades – lots of moving pieces to think about! Makes my brain start buzzing at all the ideas we could collaborate on, especially after having met Tracy in person now and speaking to her about the range of work they do. Next project perhaps! Stay tuned for seeing how these pieces integrate into our project.

Blog Post_x Tracy Glover JPGPhotos taken at Tracy Glover’s Studio.

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