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I got our reminder about Mick De Giulio‘s visit to Natick next week, I totally forgot! I won’t be able to make it but my team will be heading to the  Kohler Signature Store Natick for the event and book signing. Bummed I am going to miss it. His vignette at the Kohler Design Center was my absolutely favorite from our time there. You couldn’t help but be intrigued by the cabinetry design – it’s a design he came up with called ‘Metal Boy’ made of nickel silver, polished stainless steel and glass. I feel like you would have to have a pretty fancy set of pots and pans to be in the lit cabinet! Another detail worth borrowing from someday was the mirrored backs of the dishware shelves – it makes the shelves more light and bright and you can certainly see all your options when you peak in!  The last piece I thought was super cool was the exquisite detailing of the utensil rail behind the range in the backsplash. How the rail fits in a perfect recess of tile coursing is so thoroughly thought through my designers mind can’t help being impressed! Clearly I have a design crush ….

Kristina Crestin Design Kohler showroom  De Giulio

Pics taken in the Kohler Design Center. Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin this fall!

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Animals seemed to be everywhere (not that is a new trend), but I had to chuckle how many I saw in different forms, my 5 favorites!

1. Natural Curiosities Zebra – I love how he’s off center and larger than life!

2. 3 hooved stool from Oly Studio, just the right size for a small drink table.

3. Who doesn’t need a rack of lucite antlers (or 2o to cover a whole wall?) Grace & Blake 

4. While we’re thinking about numerous lucite antlers filling a wall, lets throw in a bright pink bull, I think his name is Ferdinand. He comes in bright green, turquoise, white etc. Stray Dog Designs.

5. If you are creeped out by a 3 hooved stool there is always a 4 legged one! Noir Furniture

Kristina Crestin Design_High Point animalsPhotos taken at High Point!

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