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In the midst of all the office buildout and packing up the existing office we’ve been working on a partial update of our own guest bath (if you may recall my flea market flamingo find before that inspired my green walls on a previous blog post here) Of course when it comes to our own projects we’re a slow moving object! My husband made up some shiplap boards recently and we finally got to install weekend!

Kristina Crestin Design_guest bath progress AThe concept of the partial reno is that though I dislike the ceramic tile on the floor and in the shower it’s new’ish’ from the previous owner and fine. But there was a horrible ‘Home Depot Special’ vanity that just had to go. So I figured we could do one wall well and elevate the entire space. So we put shiplap boards to the ceiling on the vanity wall with a photo ledge for leaning the flamingo’s of course. Then a new wall hung vanity that is more modern from Ikea (keeping it affordable) and then spending on really great sconces!

Kristina Crestin Design_guest bath progress BSo the shiplap got up and finally a finish coat of paint on all (thank goodness for Pete the Painter!). Next up – getting the sconce boxes cut in and sconces up

Kristina Crestin Design_guest bath progress CStay tuned for lighting going up – the sconces are SO fabulous! Of course more office progress pics to come too – cross your fingers …. we should get the keys to the space next week!

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More progress! Pete the Painter that I trust with all our detailed jobs has been getting the reclaimed window sashes painted up. Last year I was looking all over for metal window sashes and never found enough matching ones for what we needed. I was specifically looking for chicken wire glass though – and found these wood ones last summer at Nor’ East Architectural Salvage. Since the office is being renovated we got to size a half wall to exactly the right dimension for 4 of these to span the width – Perfect! I can’t wait till they go up – a couple more weeks when we officially get the keys to the space!

Kristina Crestin Design_chickenwire glassBelow are pics from the day we did our final trip to see them, purchase and cart them home.

Kristina Crestin Design_chickenwire originalKC signature

I stopped by again the other day and was surprised to see lighting up. It was SO exciting!  In the middle of the office area we decided to do a grid of surface mount lights and they do a really great job at lighting the space, it was such a transformation!

Kristina Crestin Design_New Office AAlso a surprise was our tile was partially laid out! It was great timing so we could discuss where the pattern started, where full and partial tiles are etc etc, all those fun details to review. Thank goodness we have Bob & Al on the job – tile guys I have been working with since my first year in the field!

Kristina Crestin Design_New Office Bath  BBelow is out kitchenette space that leads into the bathroom. We’ve gone bold and painted the walls black. Cabinetry on both sides of the room will be a high gloss lacquer white, so the contrast should be fantastic. Getting closer!

Kristina Crestin Design_New Office Kitchen CStay tuned for more photos – the bathroom tile finished will be so killer! The Bathroom tile is Ann Sacks Tangier Field tile from the Martyn Lawrence Bullard ‘Eastern Promise’ Collection.

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So getting the tile was exciting, carrying all the tile up to the second floor space was not as exciting.

Kristina Crestin Design_Materials A

Kristina Crestin Design_Materials B

Kristina Crestin Design_Materials CThe patterned Bathroom tile is Ann Sacks Tangier Field tile from the Martyn Lawrence Bullard ‘Eastern Promise’ Collection. The textured grey tile is a favorite ceramic of mine, again Ann Sacks, Texere 12×24′s. We just decided to upgrade from a pretty bad carpet selection to a wood floor. We got these samples at the last minute from Peabody Flooring Supply that I was taken with (before finding out the cost of course!) It was a mix of different cuts of white oak with a grey finish, and on top of all that loveliness it was random widths! A girl couldn’t ask for more. Sold!

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