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Now that the floors are in the next big thing – getting storage in! We were trying to avoid the actual buildout of the space being too complicated and customized, so we settled on purchasing a bunch of large wardrobes & upper cabinets from Ikea as a way to get as much storage in the space as possible. A box truck and a really really long day later and we were loaded up with over 1,800 pounds of flat boxes. Exciting until we remembered that all those boxes needed to be carried up a staircase!

Kristina Crestin Design_Ikea trip

After all the hauling came assembling. I think I am still having nightmares about it. We made great progress over a week though – all the wardrobes got assembled as far as the basic boxes and we assembled the drawers and upper cabinets. Next we’ll start getting shelves and drawers in!

Kristina Crestin Design_assembling ikea

Also around the same time the 2×4 framing for the marble counter went in – our plan is to create a ‘floating’ thick looking marble counter by stacking a slab and an apron piece to make the counter appear to be 4″ thick. Later we’ll add some wood apron pieces and eventually make both or one of the apron pieces a drawer – but based on all the other things on the ‘to do’ list that will at some point in the future!

Kristina Crestin Design_2x4 bath counter

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More progress! Recently I had a couple meetings in town so I started off the morning with stopping by to go over flooring direction and how they were going to lay the random width boards. I stopped 2 more times – amazing how quick they work! The second stop was a bit of a snafu – there wasn’t enough flooring. Thank goodness a quick call to Peabody Flooring Supply yielded just enough left in stock that Remmy could run over and snap it up and finish the install in the same day! Oh renovations – what fun!

Kristina Crestin Design_Wood Floor going inI know it looks like a mess – but at least by the end of the day all the wood was in and it looked this good:

Kristina Crestin Design_Wood Floor installedI love the variation in color tone and the random board widths. I am SOOOOO beyond happy we didn’t settle for the carpet in the flooring allowance!  Still so much more to do but at least now it’s shaping up like a real space. Up next – shiplap boards on the half wall and eventually we’ll get the salvaged chicken wire windows up on the haf wall! (actually, not a ‘we’ll’ at all …. that will totally be my super talented carpenter husband figuring that one out!)

At the same time of the flooring being installed Bob & Al my tile guys were getting all the moroccan tile pieces cut so we could grout tomorrow!

Kristina Crestin Design_Moroccan tile

Sourcing: Wood Flooring is A North American White Oak engineered floor in random widths with a light hand scraping and a ‘coastal oak’ finish from Peabody Flooring Supply , wood floor installation by my GC Curran & Sons Construction‘s flooring guy Remmy. The Bathroom tile is Ann Sacks Tangier Field tile from the Martyn Lawrence Bullard ‘Eastern Promise’ Collection.

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This weekend I clearly needed a break from moving the office and working in general. I called Mom at the last minute and we shot up to Salisbury to check out the Vintage Bazaar for the first time. A perfect summer day, wandering a vintage fair and eating really good food (food truck pulled pork and homemade whoopee pies – um ya!) – A perfect day!

Kristina Crestin Design_Vintage Bazaar handsThere was a couple fields of vendors spread out around Pettengill Farm, which happens to be a lovely flower farm, making the event that much more interesting to wander around. I’d say it definitely has that over Brimfield! Clearly not as large, but that much more edited and artisan feeling….. oh, and a much shorter drive too!

Kristina Crestin Design_Vintage BazaarThough I didn’t find anything I was actually keeping an eye out for, I did find two new vendors that I really liked for the future. One was a little handmade pottery booth, Elizabeth Benotti. A clever blend of modern meets handmade. Great graphics and forms.  She had a beautiful display of clever little hanging planters filled with succulents that was just brilliant, in hindsight I wish I bought a few!

Kristina Crestin Design_Vintage Bazaar_Elizabeth BenottiThe other thing that caught my eye was a new paint line from Cari Cucksey of Re Purpose (and as seen on HGTV). Her Chroma Color Paint just feels buttery to the touch (wish it was easier to show and tell on line!) and of course had a couple colors that just caught my eye!  Very well merchandised too, and we always know I appreciate a good display!

Kristina Crestin Design_Vintage Bazaar_CariCucksey RePurposeTo check out more about the Vintage Bazaar check out their web site or Facebook – they will be back to the farm in the fall!

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We’ve been working this winter on pulling together a fabulous pool house space for a new client that recently had the pool house and outdoor kitchen built, but never finished furnishing it. Oh what fun! We worked on a mix of styles, bringing in some core woven pieces in the sofa and side chairs, balanced with some amazing satin brass side chairs that sprinkle all over the patio as chaise lounges, dining chairs and lounge chairs for both the pool and fire pit. Bringing in the satin brass was a commitment – meaning finding the right pieces to round out the furnishings was a challenge!

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House A jpgAbove shows off the coolest copper finish outdoor table that we found at Casa Design. The patina is lovely and rich and adds a nice weight to the middle of the space. (Especially topped with one of our 2 planters that the Leonhards Florist filled with succulents – drool worthy!)

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House B jpg

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House C jpgWe added 5 pairs of navy outdoor drapes to both the pool house and outdoor kitchen/pergola area to create some ambiance and drama, making the space feel more finished. They do a particularly nice job of making the grilling area feel like it’s own little space. We just set up the outdoor floor lamp and custom pillows and next up are more accessories for the space and the wall flanking the TV. Can’t wait till those are done!

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House D jpg

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House E succulents jpgThis last site visit we were unpacking more boxes of accessories and meeting with our new friends at Sperry, where we are bringing in their ‘fabric architecture team’ to make an amazing sun-shading sail like awning covering our 160″ long dining table – stay tuned for updates! We’re designing now and hope to install late August since they are so booked.

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool House F unpacking jpgSome credits: Copper table and floor lamp from Casa Design. Concrete ‘sea urchin’ planters from Formations (trade only) through Webster & Co.  Sofa and Chairs with cushions are from Kingsley Bate. Lounge chairs with satin brass frame are the Montecito Collection from Restoration Hardware as well as the center pendant light & outdoor drapes.

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I love surprises! Last year sometime I remember that my camp project was going to be published again and I completely forgot about it! This issue just came in the mail. Fun!

Kristina Crestin Design_Down East June 2014Photos by Jamie Salomon. Architecture by Olson + Lewis. GC Dunn Builders.

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We’re almost there! I mean we still need to hang the vanity, do the plumbing and get the drapery rod for the curtain hung …. but it really feels like we’re almost there! The sconces just went in and they are perfect. The scale is large, the lighting is soft and mixes with the existing recessed lights really nicely to actually bring decent lighting into the space (before there was just a single sconce over the mirror … which is never flattering)

Kristina Crestin Design_guest bath progress D sconces going inI couldn’t help myself ….. I leaned the flamingo’s on the art ledge to play around with what mirror size we need for layering. The idea is the mirror is not the focal point, it will be tall and thin, layered behind one of the flamingo’s.

Kristina Crestin Design_guest bath progress E sconces inNext up: Hanging the vanity …. which is just a plain high gloss white wall hung vanity. It’s Ikea though … so this could be painful. Will share!

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