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We’re making some progress on a  pool house project. Recently the fun chevron mirror the cabinet pulls came in. I love getting things here so we can touch and feel it all! The whole pool house is a concrete looking tile and in the bath we went for a white brick looking tile in the shower with river rocks on the shower floor. The vanity itself is a dark charcoal, anchoring the space. For a little fun we suggested the chevron mirror to add a little pattern, thinking towels can be the pop of color and be flexible to be changed every once in a while.

Kristina Crestin Design_Pool house items

Below are the materials we chose and the pulls that just came in. Since it’s winter the project isn’t moving all that swiftly, hopefully we’ll have progress shots and install shots before spring!

Kristina Crestin Design materials shotBelow is our progress so far, the cabinet it set – but still a way to go!


Cabinet pulls are the stacked pull collection from Du Verre hardware, chevron mirror is the Parsons  Grey Herringbone Wall Mirror from West Elm, shower wall tile from The Tile Source.

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Happy New Year to all. It’s always nice to wrap up a year and start fresh. I am working hard to finally be done the ‘not so new’ anymore office. Then we can get photos taken and the web site updated. My personal office is almost done thank goodness! I partnered with my friends at Legrand and they hooked me up with their new under cabinet lighting and audio system and I am such a happy girl. I came in super early this morning and I could actually see my surface – imagine that!

Kristina Crestin Design_Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting AWhen designing my office space we intentionally were trying to keep the backsplash free of outlets cluttering up the visual. I am working on what I might be doing for a backsplash next. I’m thinking some sort of metal that I can pin up papers and things as a working inboard concept – not sure yet. Keeping the backsplash clear was the key for future design elements just because there is nothing worse than errant outlets! (I know, I am a special girl)  We strategically have one backsplash outlet for a phone to plug in. The rest all exist as part of the Adorne Under Cabinet System, all tucked away where you can’t see them.

Kristina Crestin Design_Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting off and on

Now that my backsplash is nice and clear (you can see how the outlets work like plugmould in the image below), I desperately needed lighting that would allow this length of counter to be useful as our office building doesn’t get any morning light. It’s actually quite a dim space in the morning. I typically use the long built in as the space I work from to organize my day, leaving only active projects on my desk so I can focus.

Below you can see that lights click into the system and I was able to plan out how many lights to space along the length of my counter.   I like this option as I think it gives me flexibility if in the future I change the way I use my surface, I can then redistribute the lighting or add more if I need to.

Kristina Crestin Design_Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting system

Above is the fun stuff! Some of the things I didn’t know I really needed (they quickly moved from a ‘want’ idea to a ‘need idea!) I was originally going to just put an under cabinet lighting system in, but now with the outlets and these goodies I am a super happy girl. I have the Music Kit which allows me to play music through bluetooth on the two speakers that just clip into the power rail (amazing how all this technology works now). I plug in my phone in the morning on the Phone Cradle that has a handy USP port above it (which means I typically know where my phone is rather than being lost somewhere on a counter!), connect to bluetooth and put my local radio station on.  The first time I used it I pretty much felt like a kid on Christmas. Who doesn’t love fun toys? I also keep my iPad on the iPad cradle and charging station too just to have it handy and powered up.

Below is showing how I typically prep as I get out the door for a meeting. I planned for an outlet that would sit above the counter that had power and a USB port (another Adorne product); knowing that I typically check the power on my laptop and make sure any documents needed are uploaded on the laptop before leaving. This gives me a good zone to work from next to my desk and having all the outlets where I need them makes my life so much easier. In a perfect world we like to be involved in projects early enough that we can think through all these functions with clients – it doesn’t always happen but when it does it makes everyones life so much easier!

Kristina Crestin Design_Legrand Wall USB port

It’s been interesting working on our office design. We’ve basically been our own client. It’s nice to be in the space for six months now and really see how it works and what is worth the money. Now that I’ve upgraded the lighting here for my own office, it looks like I’ll have to move into all the other spaces for the rest of the crew!

Legrand is having a contest right now to win an entire under cabinet system (I am pretty sure I am probably excluded from winning since I just got this one, or I’d be trying to win for my house!) Check out how to enter here – super easy! You just need to send them a photo of your kitchen (or other space!) that is begging for an under cabinet lighting and accessory upgrade. Do it! I am seriously going to tell all my friends.

Product sourcing: Adorne sponsored this post and supplied my Under Cabinet System. The killer painting in the background is from Christina Baker who I worked with on this commissioned piece. The fun desk is from Oly Studio, the Faline Library Table.  White leather desk chair is from Bernhart Design. Barn door is custom made by 60 Nobscot, Art lighting is Tech Lighting from Newburyport Lighting.

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Happy New Years!

January 1st, 2015

We can’t believe the year is over. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in a year. A toast to health, our families and good design! Many thanks to all the amazing vendors, subs and friends/family that support us all year long!

Kristina Crestin Design_2015

Even our deer is getting in on the action!

Kristina Crestin Design_New Years deer

Mikaela is wearing sequins … how could we not get her in a picture! And yes … that is a turquoise grass skirt garland … of course I had a stack of them tucked in a drawer for a future party, who wouldn’t!

Kristina Crestin Design_New Years C

Cardboard deer by Cardboard Safari (which we spray painted a custom turquoise before assembling) Stunning painting by Christina Baker. Turquoise chairs the Tucker chair by Serena and Lily and Table is the Faline Library table by Oly Studio.

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