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We’re in the middle of working on a basement renovation that we’re really enjoying the design work. This space is a little area outside of a wine cellar that will be the kitchenette for an adjacent TV room. As we were building a palette we were thinking about something handsome, a ‘warm and inviting modern’ … whatever that is!  (love our designer words, huh?)  We started with a palette of neutrals on the walls, shiplap paneling and trim; deciding the cabinetry would be a darker blue. Layering on satin brass as an accent felt like the right direction to go as well.

I had these large sconces in mind to flank the wine cellar, really making a design statement and we found the cute little Hicks pendant to hang over the sink, adding a little jewelry there. As we’re working on this space we’ve been developing the TV room which has a faded navy/indigo rug and we’re bringing in a soft salmon pink herringbone fabric that our client loves (and we do too!) on a pair of vintage chairs. My goal would be to bring that palette into this space as well by adding some textural vintage rug. This vintage Persian rug from Chairish would be just perfect! I love how it’s coming together. The radiant heat flooring is being installed now so we will have a way to go until we start seeing a finished product, darn!

Kristina Crestin Design_wine cellar kitchenette A

Kristina Crestin Design_materials pink and blueSourcing: Pendant light is the Hicks pendant from Visual Comfort, Rug from Chairish, knob is the Druzy Quartz knob from Anthropologie, Salmon pink fabric from Robert Allen.

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Sorry I have been missing! I actually took a time out and went on vacation – amazing how restorative that can be!

I’m working on a small Entry redesign project that we’re trying to balance modern and vintage (or slightly ethnic undertones). Sometimes the ‘on the fly’ projects I have the most fun with as you can’t overthink them if things are moving fast.  I had some materials pulled for a project that never went ahead last year that slid right into the aesthetic goals of this project … so we pulled those out and went to work. I am really excited about the idea of a series of cascading blown glass lights, they will really make a statement. We all know I have a barn door issue, so we’re looking at these hand carved doors as a pair that slide over a Living Room opening. So far we’re loving the balance of old and new …. lets see where it goes!

Kristina Crestin Design entry

The carpet below I pulled last year and still love it, layered over a toasty wide oak floor – I think the variation in the blues will really come to life.


Kristina Crestin Design_Blue and camel entry materials

Sourcing: Carpet from Steven King Decorative Carpets, mosaic tile from Discover Tile. Glass pendant lighting from Cisco Brothers through Mohr & McPherson. Center table from Dos Gallos.

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