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Crushing on Cactus

July 28th, 2016

So I’ve been obsessed with a watercolor cactus wallpaper for months. Its been sitting on my console for months, I mean HELLO we’re in New England, I don’t see a client deciding to put cactus wallpaper on their wall. A girl can dream. I am seeing it everywhere though – it makes me so happy. Below is the paper I am crushing on.

Cactus blog post_Kristina Crestin Design 2

These are some of my other favorites, also in a watercolor type effect!

Cactus blog post_Kristina Crestin Design 3

I’ve been thinking about sneaking cactus in in the form of art …  that’s not a commitment, right?

Cactus blog post_Kristina Crestin Design 4

Or if your really crazy how about a massive salvaged cactus sign? That would be SO cool in the corner of a living room for a neat glow each night! I need it!

Cactus blog post_Kristina Crestin Design 5

Ok, maybe I’m getting a little out of control. Lets dial it back – how about a small cactus sign. Not too much?

Cactus blog post_Kristina Crestin Design 1

Sharing my cactus sources: 1st cactus wallpaper – Pierre Frey: Culiko, 2nd cactus wallpaper - Etsy: Watercolor Cactus Wallpaper, Cactus Art: ‘Cactus Fields’ original oil painting of cactus garden by Kate Jarman, “Hello” Cactus print: Sweet Rose Studio, Cactus print watercolor by Helen Dealtry, Cactus Lamps: Mojave Moon Design and Wayfair.

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Kristina Crestin Design is looking for another Design Assistant!

Hiring design assistant blog post

We’re looking for a talented driven individual to join our team as a Design Assistant.

They will assist in every step of a project, from sourcing products and materials, working on construction documents, project installations, marking and more.

The role of Design Assistant would entail:

  • General office duties supporting the design staff; Sourcing tile, lighting, furniture, fabrics and other items for projects; running errands & obtaining samples.
  • Preparing materials and presentations for meetings; meeting follow up with design team executing action items.
  • Order management; assist with the ordering of product.
  • Marketing; When we don’t have an intern the design assistant would assist in updating our web site and Houzz as needed, assist in blog layout and uploading, provide some Instagram and Facebook support.
  • Support with special events and photo shoots.
  • We are a Mac based firm, so you will work on layouts in Pages and spread sheets for schedules in Numbers.
  • The Design Assistant would be working directly with the Principal Designer on some projects and as part of a bigger team assisting the Junior Designer on larger projects.

What we like to see:

  • You should consider Apple’s Pages and Numbers like family, very close family!
  • Strong communication skills, accountability and self motivation.
  • The ability to work as a team.
  • A great attitude!

A must:

  • A degree in interior design.
  • A solid understanding of AutoCAD.
  • 1-2 years of interior design experience in a residential design firm.
  • A reliable car.

Time requirement: This is a full time salaried position.

Sound like a fit?  We’d love to hear from you. Apply by emailing with the subject “Design Assistant Position” and your name in the subject. Please include your resume and samples of your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Now to share the site progress at the This Old House North Shore Farmhouse! As we made our color decisions and started ordering product the site was moving ahead at a super fast pace. Below is a visit where I was shocked, with the house being shop built the clip in which they worked was so speedy. Just the previous site visit only exterior walls were in!

Kristina Crestin Design This Old House - Northshore farmhouse_Dining Room A

In very short order blueboard was up and trim was in. Here we were just getting to the point of selecting final paint colors.

Kristina Crestin Design This Old House - Northshore farmhouse_Dining Room B

Erik got those paint swatches up on the wall so we could review them on site. Below we were filming one of the episodes about color selection.  Check out our episode 24 for more behind the scenes.

blog post _dining room progress photos  *

blog post _dining room progress photos **

blog post _dining room progress photos ***

After talking about the Living Room and Dining Room colors we moved to the Foyer where I pitched a fun green that would pull that mossy color from the Living Room into the Foyer. I think I scared them a bit! (and by them I mean not only Bill and April but everyone!)

blog post _dining room progress photos ****

OK, paint colors selected. Check. Before I knew it trim was up and painted. Again, faster than I could imagine. I love this phase. You start to see the house coming together right before the mess and mayhem that is move in day. Kristina Crestin Design This Old House - Northshore farmhouse_Dining Room C

Speaking of the mayhem of move in day – stuff is everywhere! It certainly looks worse before it gets better ……Kristina Crestin Design This Old House - Northshore farmhouse_Dining Room D

We’re almost there – drapes are in and we’re gearing up for filming of the final reveal episode – so fun!

Kristina Crestin Design This Old House - Northshore farmhouse_Dining Room E

Lastly – ta-da! The final reveal! The room is together, our barn door is up and the home is finished. I love the barn door in the dining room, it adds some texture the room needs to warm it up and bring some more of the reclaimed feel into the space.

Kristina Crestin Design_TOH final dining room blog post images

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes on other rooms!

Sourcing: Custom Barn Door by Old House Parts, Dining Table Restoration Hardware, Chandelier, Rug and Dining Console is vintage through Kristina Crestin Design, Table lamp from Lekker Home, Painting from Jules Place – “Coastal Cove” from artists Craig Mooney, Marlow II Black Wood Dining Chair – Crate and Barrel, Paintings next to the barn door art Robert Hanlon from Powers Gallery. Drapery fabricated by Willow Design with Designer’s Guild Fabric through Kristen Crestin Design.

The house was designed and shop built by Connor Homes. Kaminski Construction Management made it all happen on site.

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One of the things early on the clients expressed wanting was a barn door in the house. Which works perfectly as I’ve had a barn door ‘problem’ for years! We mentally worked our way through the house figuring out where we could have one and the Dining Room became an obvious place to put one. We had a larger opening to the front hall so in turn our barn door could be larger and really make an impact with texture.  Some of our inspiration images are below.

Kristina Crestin Design_TOH Barn Door A

Where to get a barn door this big? My friends at Old House Parts in Kennebunk of course. I’ve done lots of salvaged doors with Tom so I thought he could hook us up. We took a trip up to Kennebunk, which you can watch on episode 21 of This Old House.

Kristina Crestin Design_TOH Barn Door B

Of course nothing is every easy – they didn’t have anything that fit our size and especially our taller height. Tom suggested he could make one for us and that would even allow us to really hone in on what textured wood we wanted! Great!  We got to go through this process on camera, filming one of the episodes for the show. You can see me freezing below. What you don’t see is that between takes we had hand warmers to try and warm up our fingers. Oh the glamour of design and filming!

blog post _DR barn door 1

Tom delivered our door to the site and in short order it was being installed. We used the same flat black hardware we used for my office barn door from Specialty Doors. So happy!

Kristina Crestin Design_TOH Barn Door D

Lookout for some follow up blog posts showing the final reveal!

If your interested in a barn door reach out to Old House Parts. Barn door track hardware from Specialty Doors.

The house was designed and shop built by Connor Homes. Kaminski Construction Management made it all happen on site.

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