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We Made Best of Houzz!

February 14th, 2014

We just found out happily that we made Best of Houzz for both Design and Client Satisfaction – wooo hoooo! I’ll take it!

Kristina Crestin Design_Best of HouzzMost photos by Jamie Salomon. Bottom 4 photos by Sandra Kimball.

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Wishing you a Happy Holiday

December 25th, 2013

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Holiday. May it be healthy, happy and of course surrounded by good design!

our home to yours  JPG

Sharing a little bit of our own holiday decor – nothing like a festive atmosphere to make it feel like Christmas!

Kristina Crestin Design holiday decor

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It’s been another one of those days, a million small things done, 7 stops all over the place on the road and I am wondering where my day went! Working on a follow up post for the BHG article as we speak and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic of Cooper.  A couple schemes for an upcoming job are spread all over the office floor  I look down and Cooper apparently made a scheme decision for Stacey! Done. Wouldn’t it be nice if that is how easy this job was!

Blog Post_Cooper sitting on Rugs

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Though I know the big win last night was the Red Sox, I also took home 2 awards last night at the Prism Awards, a Biannual awards given by the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston!

If I thought I was going to win I would have brought my staff and hubby! I had Mom at my side for the evening which was lovely and my friends Susan & Steve Howell of Howell Custom Building Group also won a couple awards – congrats to them too!  I took home silver awards for Kitchen Design and Best Creative Use of Space categories; both my Camp project which also took the Grand Prize at Designer Bath‘s ‘Designers Shine’ awards this year. The little project they could! (or not so little). The best part of the evening though was after texting the homeowner a photo of my win her reply was ‘Your own World Series! You Rock! Congrats, I am so proud of you’. OK, that made my year and it’s why I love what I do, we work so hard to understand what a client is looking for and help make their dreams come true. Sharing this win with them and their happiness for us is what keeps me going. Wow, I didn’t mean for that to sound so sappy! But it’s so true. Have a good day all!

Kristina Crestin Design_Prism Awards

Pics: Mom & I and Jason & I (from Designer Bath)

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Yesterday (was it really only yesterday??) was the Wenham Kitchen Tour and I was lucky enough to have a client happy to have her kitchen on the tour to benefit the Wenham Museam. I’ve both been on the tour before as well as had another kitchen I worked on on the tour, it’s nice to be on both sides; but yesterday was great.  I teamed with Art Dioli of Olson Lewis on the project so 1: I had the extra manpower of his Marketing Guru Teri and another Designer Kelly along to join my Mom (my ‘girl friday’) and I in prepping the house for the tour and 2 : I had help all day question answering. Boy did we get traffic & questions! I left a bit early to head to the airport for a trip with Stacey to High Point Furniture Market – stay tuned for photos and updates! It might be when we get back, we’ve shopped till we dropped for full day 1 and we’re exhausted, and then perhaps a bit beyond. Follow on Facebook or Instagram if you want more up to date pics of the good, the bad and the truly hideous!

Oh, two other things – a big THANK YOU to our friends at Chive for dropping some of the most amazing goodies I’ve ever had by the tour. They were delicious! Two,  for those of you are good at the game ‘I spy’ – YES those are the bottles that were strapped in the back of my Mini this past spring that I got at Brimfield! The client wired them up this week and made them into lamps – IN LOVE!

Blog Post Wenham Kitchen tour JPGPics: Top, Deb Bennet (Mom) and I right before the tour kicks off, Kristin from Wenham Museum, Bottom photo Teri from Olson Lewis, Me Lindsay from Chive & Kelly from Olson Lewis.

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Fall Lovin’

October 5th, 2013

I saw this photo on my friend Pam’s Facebook page and I just had to steal it. I am a fall baby and at my happiest when the leaves turn and the air has a snap in the morning. Though now onto the pressure of what to do for pumpkins … carve, paint .. the pressure of creativity! Happy fall to you all.

Kristina Crestin Design Blog Post_X_Fall

Pic stolen from my friend Pam’s Facebook page.

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Ok! Our final stop on our lovely trip to Wisconsin was to visit their Ann Sacks showroom and meet the Kallista team. I already have love for both vendors, but getting to meet with Kallista’s team and learn about many of the fixtures in further detail was fantastic, you really learn why exceptionally detailed and handcrafted items cost what they cost. Though I already have been in lust with Laura Kirar’s Vir Stil vanities, it is still my very favorite from the line! Check it out below with the drawers that pivot out – brilliant!

Kristina Crestin Design_Blog Post Ann Sacks tripPhoto above from our evening at Ann Sacks; left to right: Bill from Kallista, me (Kristina Crestin), Keith Musinski of Equilibrium Design, Jack Sullivan of The Chelsea Company, Kelly Healy of Kristina Crestin Design.

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin!

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After an afternoon spent learning about Kohler showering systems and toilets etc we had a bit of time before dinner – what better to do than play a little friendly game of croquet. Kelly, Keith and I hit the court (is that what it’s called??) hoping the lovely perfectly manicured lawn out behind the Riverbend was in fact for play and not for show! It all started out friendly until the first ball was ‘sent’. Game on!

Kristina Crestin Design_Blgo post croquet

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin! I wouldn’t have had an summer croquet fun without the trip!

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On the Road: Kohler Training Day

September 26th, 2013

I know, plumbing training sounds riveting to you guys. But the other part of being out in Wisconsin was to really learn some technology behind some of the fixtures to help us understand what we pay for. There was shower and bathing training (sorry folks, no photos here!) where we got to try different shower heads, body sprays and different tub types – bubble, air, whirlpool etc etc. Seeing and feeling the difference. (Tough day at work sitting in a hydrotherapy tub experiencing the options!)

After that we were on to some showering technology where my favorite takeaway was the simplest and most inexpensive of innovations – a new shower head ‘Moxie‘ that has a bluetooth speaker that fits in the middle of the actual shower head and is removable for charging. You run it right off your iphone or ipod etc etc. $199 in chrome! I may need to buy one to try out at home, I guess in green as I see no turquoise, clearly an oversight on Kohlers part! I totally forgot to take my own photos, so some shots stolen from the web below.

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler Moxie

The last part of our more technical training was toilets. Yes, that’s right toilets. We got paired with an engineer who has been working on making toilets more efficient for many years. He was totally into it, which was really cool to see how amped he was by some changes/upgrades he’s been able to engineer over the years. I won’t go into detail as it may bore you, but the overview is we got to see 4 tests that put a Kohler toilet against a competitor and I got to be the lucky guest to pop TP in for flushing tests and yes even fake #2 made of some sort of soybean concoction. My job is so glamourous sometimes!

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler toilet training

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin!

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Okay, I just had to share …. this sweet space is the library at Riverbend. Keith and I had an hour to kill between training sessions and grabbed some leather chairs by the fire (because why not?), asked a lovely waiter for some coffee and brownies and caught up on work. We spend so much time designing thoughtful spaces it was really nice to sit and experience the space and appreciate a stolen hour working in luxury.

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler Riverbend

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin and the opportunity to stay at a place like Riverbend.

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