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Stacey here!  I am currently working with an amazing client in Cambridge and we have been on the hunt for large (72″+) round dining tables.  So much harder to find something great than I thought it would be!!  Here are 10 of my favorites (so far!) that I came across whilst “shopping”.  Hope you love them too!!

top ten round dining tables_Kristina Crestin Design


1. Vintage Mastercraft Table from Gustavo Olivieri on 1st Dibs // 2. Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood Beam Round Table  // 3. Mr Brown Home Belmondo Dining Table in Storm Faux Shagreen  // 4. Holly Hunt Trice Round Dining Table  // 5. Ochre Whippet Table  // 6. Patagonia Legacy Base Equis  // 7. BBDW Bron Table  // 8. CFC Furniture Basket Dining Table   // 9. B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi Table  // 10. Victoria Hagan Parker Table via Studio534 in The Boston Design Center

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My last site visit was pretty exciting. A painting commission that was started in the summer is finally up! Not to mention that the house is now finally lived in and not a construction site anymore!

We introduced our client to a local artist we love, Suzanne Vincent based in Salem, Ma. I am enamored of her work and finally had a project that her pieces would be an excellent fit with. Combine that with a large space in need of a focal point and a non standard size and we have a perfect marriage! Months and months ago we commissioned this piece and Suzanne began scouring the waterfront, snapping pictures and thinking of composition. We had a couple meetings on site to review the colors of the home as it was coming together and to discuss lightness and darkness; really having the opportunity to get it right. We’re all so thrilled with the outcome!

Kristina Crestin Design_Suzanne VincentHere are some shots from Suzanne’s studio when the client and I got a sneak peak of the progress:

Kristina Crestin Design_Suzanne VincentIf you are interested in seeing more of her work you can reach out to Suzanne via email @ or check out some images on her web site  Custom frame and framing by Mingo Gallery in Beverly. Hanging entry lighting is a custom Mizu from Terzani through Casa Design in Boston. Architecture by Walter Jacob Architects. GC and custom cabinetry by Apex Carpentry.

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Local Artist: Michelle Morin

February 6th, 2014

We love getting packages in the mail! Especially when it’s not something broken or scratched (which has been happening allot lately) We’ve purchased from Michelle before and recently had an ah-ha moment at ‘big pink’ thinking her flamingo’s would be perfect in the clients daughters room – we just needed to pair it with a second piece (hence the ostrich hanging out with the flamingo in the 2nd piece). They just came in the mail today and we’re super happy. The top piece is called ‘all the single ladies’ – hilarious. Can’t wait to get them hung in the space – we’ll share as soon as we do. Visit Michelle’s etsy page, United Thread or her web site. She just happens to be local – how lucky for us!

Kristina Crestin Design_All the single ladiesBelow are some pics of some of her other work. She’s just so creative!

Kristina Crestin Design_Michelle MorinPhoto sourcing: Top photos taken in our studio, bottom photos pulled from Michelle’s Etsy page, United Thread.

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On the Road: Kohler Training Day

September 26th, 2013

I know, plumbing training sounds riveting to you guys. But the other part of being out in Wisconsin was to really learn some technology behind some of the fixtures to help us understand what we pay for. There was shower and bathing training (sorry folks, no photos here!) where we got to try different shower heads, body sprays and different tub types – bubble, air, whirlpool etc etc. Seeing and feeling the difference. (Tough day at work sitting in a hydrotherapy tub experiencing the options!)

After that we were on to some showering technology where my favorite takeaway was the simplest and most inexpensive of innovations – a new shower head ‘Moxie‘ that has a bluetooth speaker that fits in the middle of the actual shower head and is removable for charging. You run it right off your iphone or ipod etc etc. $199 in chrome! I may need to buy one to try out at home, I guess in green as I see no turquoise, clearly an oversight on Kohlers part! I totally forgot to take my own photos, so some shots stolen from the web below.

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler Moxie

The last part of our more technical training was toilets. Yes, that’s right toilets. We got paired with an engineer who has been working on making toilets more efficient for many years. He was totally into it, which was really cool to see how amped he was by some changes/upgrades he’s been able to engineer over the years. I won’t go into detail as it may bore you, but the overview is we got to see 4 tests that put a Kohler toilet against a competitor and I got to be the lucky guest to pop TP in for flushing tests and yes even fake #2 made of some sort of soybean concoction. My job is so glamourous sometimes!

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler toilet training

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin!

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What a treat!  This past Sunday Kristina, Kelly and I were invited to join an exclusive Northshore Magazine party held at the Myopia Polo Hunt Club in South Hamilton.  The party was held in honor of the 3rd Annual Northshore Magazine Cup.  This was my first polo event and man, oh man, was it a good one!  Catered by Timothy S. Hopkins Catering we had food a-plenty for the entire afternoon; noshing on such yummy treats as mini grilled cheese sandwiches, filo-wrapped asparagus and tuna tartar to name a few.  But enough about the food…how about the polo, you say?  Great fun to watch – I cannot imagine the talent these riders (women and men on the winning team, I might add) must possess to play this game.  At one point we even had a rogue horse running around the field with no rider!  All in all we had a wonderful time, thank you Northshore Magazine for hosting such a wonderful and spot-on event and letting us take part.  Hope we see you next year!

Kristina Crestin Design Myopia Polo

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All photos above taken by one of us here at Kristina Crestin Design!  The yellow “ticket” at the bottom was given to us for entry to the event by Northshore Magazine.

Just this last Friday I had a partial day off to head home to help my Mom and Dad move some final things out of my childhood house and I conveniently made a trip to Tracy Glover‘s studio which was ‘on the way’. And by ‘on the way’ I mean totally out of the way but at least part of the trip was pointed in the right direction! We purchased some pieces for a job a few months ago and the client and I were still enamored by her work; so we figured out how to weave more of Tracy’s pieces into the job! Here they were getting ready to assemble our lamps for the Master Bedroom next and a shaded pendant light with a striped blown glass finial – so excited!

It was pretty neat to see all the stations and staging areas to really understand all the hand work that goes into each piece being completed, even just the wall of harp sizes needed for different lamp shades – lots of moving pieces to think about! Makes my brain start buzzing at all the ideas we could collaborate on, especially after having met Tracy in person now and speaking to her about the range of work they do. Next project perhaps! Stay tuned for seeing how these pieces integrate into our project.

Blog Post_x Tracy Glover JPGPhotos taken at Tracy Glover’s Studio.

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Yesterday we got to be the first in a guest blogger series Designer Bath is doing – how fun! Click HERE to check out the whole post!

Kristina Crestin Design Blog Post 64_Designer Bath Blog JPG

We’re working with my favorite lights! Well, some of my favorite as I have a little ‘lighting’ problem. (I have these in my own dining room) We have a long table, and will be longer soon when she trades in her existing for an 8′ one. Lighting that length can be a challenge – functionally as well as aesthetically. We want to disburse the light down the length of a table but visually we also want to fill the volume above the space, anchoring it.

Here I worked with Mohr & McPherson who sells these Cisco Jug Lights among other things. They worked with me to over sizing, what sizes have what sockets (and what the max wattage is of each) and what the wiring can look like. Whew. Hopefully we’ll place an order soon!

Blog Post 50_Cisco Ellens jugs jpg

Photo credit: Top photo I took at High Point Furniture Market in the fabulous massive  Cisco showroom, 3 turquoise jug lights pulled from Greige’s Blog, Multiple lights from Remodelista, Room vignette with a cluster of lighting from Cisco’s Blog, and the sketches I did for the client so we could review scale and wattage calculations.

I was visiting a client last night, wrapping up some final art selections and I saw some of our custom colored pieces from Jill Rosenwald were done. Fun! We had this pen cup made in colors to work with the bedroom so the desk area could be coordinated.  We may get some scouting shots of the condo done soon, stay tuned for images!

Kristina Crestin Design Blog post_ Jill Rosenwald cup jpg

Bottom photo by Sandra Kimball



We wear two hats here quite often; that of interior design and decorating. While the tile was being grouted we needed to get busy on art selection and accessories. I hit Eugene Quinn‘s in Rockport, looking for something bright but loose, more like studies for larger paintings. So I packed up the rug and some materials and headed off. It was a blast to hunt through all the pieces and of course borrow tons to drag to the site. Thanks Eugene!

Kristina Crestin Design _ art shopping E Quinn

Photos by Sandra Kimball. If you want to visit Eugene he’s on Bearskin neck in Rockport.

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