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I get to do the coolest things sometimes!  This weekend I styled a table that was providing inspiration for the upcoming Diner en Blanc. Its basically a giant secret diner meets flash mob. Sounds like a blast, though allot of work – you bring all your stuff! That’s right – table, chairs, food and fabulous decor of course. All while wearing white and having everything you bring be white. No pressure. :)

Yesterday Kristen from the blog The Boston Fashionista was coming over with a pile of fabulous clothes to do the shoot.  (check out her blog post here! ) I went to work last week by hitting up the lovely duo at Artifact Home and Garden for many lovely items I could borrow. What a shopping trip.

Diner en Blanc 3

Because I couldn’t decide I went for two looks – my original satin brass and white direction (with gold antlers!) and then another slightly more formal direct with an amazing set of dishes rimmed with the most delicate silver detailing. Below is the silver ‘look’. I got Meggin from the Singing Flower to lend her expertise with all things floral, which really pulls it all together and lends that finishing touch.

Diner en Blanc 1

I do love the silver, but the gold antlers really gets me. I mean seriously – check them out!  I paired that with a clean, minimal satin brass place setting from West Elm.  I hope this provides inspiration for all the lucky people going to the Diner en Blanc!

Diner en Blanc 2

Sourcing: The wine that goes perfectly with the table is from Seventy Five Wine Company.
The ‘Antler table’: antlers and glassware from Artefact Home & Garden, gold silverware from West Elm, flowers from The Singing Flower.
The ‘Silver table’: candle holders, glassware and dishes from Artefact Home & Garden,  silverware from Napa Home & Garden, flowers from The Singing Flower. The other items are from my own stash :) .

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Product: MUD Australia

March 17th, 2014

I’ve been looking for some great dishes for the new office,  something modern but organic. I came across these gorgeous pieces from Mud Australia. The color palette they work with is just yummy. I stumbled upon their product from a great post that Decor8 did on their blog. Made me wish I could take the same trip!  I want! I especially love the pop of bright salmon in the bottom photo. I am working on trying to see what colors they offer and how to see them in person. I do think they are on the ‘want’ list rather than the ‘need’ list …. darn ….. !

Kristina Crestin Design_ Blog post

Photos sourced through Mud Australia’s site.

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Stacey here!  I am currently working with an amazing client in Cambridge and we have been on the hunt for large (72″+) round dining tables.  So much harder to find something great than I thought it would be!!  Here are 10 of my favorites (so far!) that I came across whilst “shopping”.  Hope you love them too!!

top ten round dining tables_Kristina Crestin Design


1. Vintage Mastercraft Table from Gustavo Olivieri on 1st Dibs // 2. Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood Beam Round Table  // 3. Mr Brown Home Belmondo Dining Table in Storm Faux Shagreen  // 4. Holly Hunt Trice Round Dining Table  // 5. Ochre Whippet Table  // 6. Patagonia Legacy Base Equis  // 7. BBDW Bron Table  // 8. CFC Furniture Basket Dining Table   // 9. B&B Italia Tobi-Ishi Table  // 10. Victoria Hagan Parker Table via Studio534 in The Boston Design Center

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On this snowy post New Year’s day I am lusting after this chair.  I somehow have placed this chair in 2 projects immediately – in my dream world that is! I just started looking for a small but fabulous fuzzy chair for an office project and then of course days later passed Montage and saw this lovely piece in the window. Tracking it down now I realize it’s a rocker, oh dear, sexy looking and it has motion – I’ll take it! Now if it wasn’t 7k + I could have it for my own house immediately! Just had to share since I am so taken by the detailing, even the non rocker – check out the webbing on the back. Now that is good design!

Kristina Crestin Design_B&B Italia fuzzy chair

To get more information on the  B&B Italia JJ chair call Montage in Boston at 617.451.9400.

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Not So Serious Art: Eli Halpin

August 24th, 2013

OK, so I shared affordable art the other day, but now I am slightly obsessed with Eli Halpin’s work.  I was looking for some not so serious pieces of original art with pops of color – check out this piece ‘Four Roosters‘ – Love it!  Sadly it’s in a store in Oregon so I can’t visit it to check it out Darn! The sheep with the vivid blue background too would be killer in a small space.

Kristina Crestin Design_94_Eli Rooster painting JPG
For sourcing of each piece: Top Four Roosters are in OR, The Longhorns are in a gallery in TX, The Tiny Sheep is also in TX,

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Brass. Yes brass. I said it again!  We seem to be exploring such a range of finishes lately it’s exciting. We jumped recently into an ever growing project with a past client as they decide to relocate closer to the city. It’s an exciting transition to a new style (think 50′s modern) and a new design direction to work in. We’re updating most of the bathrooms and this Master Bath palette came together rather quickly. She gravitated towards the shimmery opaque flax glass tile at first and we worked on developing a rich, sophisticated, layered palette from there. We mixed a warm grey with it for contrast, even considering a textured wallpaper in those same rich warm grey tones. Materials palette images are below.

For the vanity I sent her on a shopping trip to Machine Age to look at some vintage pieces – thinking if we could source locally and reuse something rather than buying new that would be great. In a flurry of emailing and texting images so I could sketch different options in elevation we arrived at the piece below, a 1950′s John Stuart Dresser. From the Master Bedroom you look directly into the bath, seeing this vanity area. I am working at making it more ‘room’ feeling and less ‘bathroom’ feeling. To do that I was thinking of trying to camouflage the mirror area into the overall wall – great sconces of course for good illumination, and adding pictures and art all over the rest of the wall as I sketched out below. Working yet again with Mindy at Designer Bath, she helped us explore some neat sink options, settling on this great Wet Style vessel that is a long oval, which actually has subtle points at each end. We’re sitting it asymmetrically on the dresser and even setting the wall mounted faucet off to one end.

Lastly, thinking of the ‘jewelry’ of the room I pitched this super cool burnished brass lantern to hang over the tub area, more of a mood light for a twinkle of light that anything else. But it will anchor a corner of the bath, filling up some of the volume and layering over a very large wall of tile. We ordered that recently along with the mirror, which looks like it was made for the design of the space. I love when things come together! The sconces are already in as well as the mirror and lantern. Plumbing rough in starts next week. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Brookline master bath

Photo sourcing: top and bottom are our studio shots, dresser from Machine Age , scones are the Graceful Ribbon Sconce from Visual Comfort, Faucet and shower valves are from Newport Brass through Designer Bath.

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I was visiting a client last night, wrapping up some final art selections and I saw some of our custom colored pieces from Jill Rosenwald were done. Fun! We had this pen cup made in colors to work with the bedroom so the desk area could be coordinated.  We may get some scouting shots of the condo done soon, stay tuned for images!

Kristina Crestin Design Blog post_ Jill Rosenwald cup jpg

Bottom photo by Sandra Kimball



Product Love: Niche Modern

April 20th, 2013

It’s a really nice experience to see work that was accomplished a while ago and still love it as much as when we first made the decisions. Such is the case with this half bath and the stunning Niche Modern pendant lights. The client is moving and we’re taking the lights with us. (Oh dear, that’s me using the royal ‘we’ again!) We were just standing there matching up tiles and colors for the new house to the existing lights trying to decide where we were are going to put them. Stay tuned as we make progress on the new space.

Kristina Crestin Design _Niche modern

Top photo: Our Half Bath with the Pharos pendant light in color smoke. Bottom photo: All the amazing shape options from Niche’s Modern‘s web site.

I’ve been eyeing Plumen light bulbs for a while now; appreciating the clever design, making something so simple and useful creative and beautiful. After seeing some used in a Rejuvenation pendant the other day in LA I’ve ordered one to play around with and check out what type of light it really gives off. Here’s hoping it’s fabulous! Stay tuned ….

Kristina Crestin Design_Plumen

Photo sourcing from top left: Pendant image and double Plumen via Plumen’s own Pinterest page. Multiple light pendant from Tech Lighting. Multiple pendant ‘drop cap’ from PlumenNiche Modern pendant with a Plumen bulb. Multiple Plumen’s at work at via Plumen’s Pinterest page, photo of London’s Foxhall. Lastly, at the bottom, Samuel Wilkinson’s Vessel Chandelier for the Decode 5th Birthday, photo via Plumen’s site.


I think I hit furnishings overload while in LA. Too many sources for my brain to take in. The Rejuvenation store was across from HD Buttercup. I’ve ordered for years from them but have never set foot in a store. Some women have shoe problems, I have a lighting problem! It was hard for Stacey and I to move onto the next stop; but we managed to tear ourselves away, but not before photographing every light we loved in ever finish imaginable. Check out the cool Plumen compact fluorescent lightbulb. Neat to see it in a fixture you would never expect to see it in. This is the one CFL out there that doesn’t make me twitch!

Kristina Crestin Desgin_ Rejuvenation stop

Photos: All taken by Stacey or I in the LA Rejuvenation Store.

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