Local Vendor Love: Tracy Glover’s Studio

August 5th, 2013

Just this last Friday I had a partial day off to head home to help my Mom and Dad move some final things out of my childhood house and I conveniently made a trip to Tracy Glover‘s studio which was ‘on the way’. And by ‘on the way’ I mean totally out of the way but at least part of the trip was pointed in the right direction! We purchased some pieces for a job a few months ago and the client and I were still enamored by her work; so we figured out how to weave more of Tracy’s pieces into the job! Here they were getting ready to assemble our lamps for the Master Bedroom next and a shaded pendant light with a striped blown glass finial – so excited!

It was pretty neat to see all the stations and staging areas to really understand all the hand work that goes into each piece being completed, even just the wall of harp sizes needed for different lamp shades – lots of moving pieces to think about! Makes my brain start buzzing at all the ideas we could collaborate on, especially after having met Tracy in person now and speaking to her about the range of work they do. Next project perhaps! Stay tuned for seeing how these pieces integrate into our project.

Blog Post_x Tracy Glover JPGPhotos taken at Tracy Glover’s Studio.

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