On the Road: Kohler Training Day

September 26th, 2013

I know, plumbing training sounds riveting to you guys. But the other part of being out in Wisconsin was to really learn some technology behind some of the fixtures to help us understand what we pay for. There was shower and bathing training (sorry folks, no photos here!) where we got to try different shower heads, body sprays and different tub types – bubble, air, whirlpool etc etc. Seeing and feeling the difference. (Tough day at work sitting in a hydrotherapy tub experiencing the options!)

After that we were on to some showering technology where my favorite takeaway was the simplest and most inexpensive of innovations – a new shower head ‘Moxie‘ that has a bluetooth speaker that fits in the middle of the actual shower head and is removable for charging. You run it right off your iphone or ipod etc etc. $199 in chrome! I may need to buy one to try out at home, I guess in green as I see no turquoise, clearly an oversight on Kohlers part! I totally forgot to take my own photos, so some shots stolen from the web below.

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler Moxie

The last part of our more technical training was toilets. Yes, that’s right toilets. We got paired with an engineer who has been working on making toilets more efficient for many years. He was totally into it, which was really cool to see how amped he was by some changes/upgrades he’s been able to engineer over the years. I won’t go into detail as it may bore you, but the overview is we got to see 4 tests that put a Kohler toilet against a competitor and I got to be the lucky guest to pop TP in for flushing tests and yes even fake #2 made of some sort of soybean concoction. My job is so glamourous sometimes!

Kristina Crestin Design_Kohler toilet training

Thanks again to Kohler folks and our local Supply New England / Kohler Signature Store Natick for bringing us out to Wisconsin!

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