Adorne Legrand Event NYC: Checking Out the Contestants Before the Big Reveal

November 15th, 2013

While at the panel discussion in the morning at the Adorne event in NYC we were able to preview all the contestants for their ‘Light Your Imagination’ contest. I have no idea how they settled on a final winner! There were certainly some creative submissions. While that was interesting to get to see them all in person I do get distracted by shiny objects …. especially when there are numerous in a room! The Legrand team thought up a creative interactive display showcasing all their switches. Brilliant idea. The corner was stacked with a myriad of lit crystal balls of varying sizes and you could control them by using the switches. Fantastic!

Congrats to Lauren Rottet the winner of the ’Light Your Imagination’ contest – have fun being a guest designer!

Kristina Crestin Design Adorne Legrand SwitchThanks again to Legrand for bringing me out to NYC to blog about these events!

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