Local: One of Our Projects on the Wenham Kitchen Tour

October 21st, 2013

Yesterday (was it really only yesterday??) was the Wenham Kitchen Tour and I was lucky enough to have a client happy to have her kitchen on the tour to benefit the Wenham Museam. I’ve both been on the tour before as well as had another kitchen I worked on on the tour, it’s nice to be on both sides; but yesterday was great.  I teamed with Art Dioli of Olson Lewis on the project so 1: I had the extra manpower of his Marketing Guru Teri and another Designer Kelly along to join my Mom (my ‘girl friday’) and I in prepping the house for the tour and 2 : I had help all day question answering. Boy did we get traffic & questions! I left a bit early to head to the airport for a trip with Stacey to High Point Furniture Market – stay tuned for photos and updates! It might be when we get back, we’ve shopped till we dropped for full day 1 and we’re exhausted, and then perhaps a bit beyond. Follow on Facebook or Instagram if you want more up to date pics of the good, the bad and the truly hideous!

Oh, two other things – a big THANK YOU to our friends at Chive for dropping some of the most amazing goodies I’ve ever had by the tour. They were delicious! Two,  for those of you are good at the game ‘I spy’ – YES those are the bottles that were strapped in the back of my Mini this past spring that I got at Brimfield! The client wired them up this week and made them into lamps – IN LOVE!

Blog Post Wenham Kitchen tour JPGPics: Top, Deb Bennet (Mom) and I right before the tour kicks off, Kristin from Wenham Museum, Bottom photo Teri from Olson Lewis, Me Lindsay from Chive & Kelly from Olson Lewis.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    What a GORGEOUS kitchen Kristina! Thank you so much for having our cookies at this fun event. We love your style and treasure your friendship. Cheers to more fabulous kitchens. Maybe one day soon we can cook a seasonal meal in one :)
    - Chive

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