Looking forward to next week: Design Bloggers Conference!

February 25th, 2013

We’re getting pretty excited here in our little office overlooking the snowy, cold lake. Next week this time Stacey and I will be in LA for the Design Bloggers Conference! We booked it when we thought we would be blogging months and months ago, but hey; at least we have a few weeks under our belt. Pretty thrilled to not only get out of the cold but to learn a ton. Now just to figure out what to wear …..

Blog Post 10_  LA via Thedollarlessdiva Tumbler

Photo Via Tumbler, The Dollarless Diva


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  1. You can find our email by clicking through to our web site – the contact page!

  2. I worked with Stitch to customize it – totally worth it! http://www.stitchdesignco.com

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