On the Road: ABC Home in NYC

November 7th, 2013

This week I had a little extra time to kill before the Adorne events started and the weather was great in NYC so I weaved my way to ABC Home to do some power shopping for a bunch of projects. I didn’t do so fabulously with the things I was actually looking for, but I did find some new things I did fall in love with!

1. I can spot a turquoise piece of glass a mile away, I may even have super special radar for it! I was honing in on the cluster of Cisco’s jug pendant lights (which I happen to have 3 of in my own dining room) and got totally distracted by the new table lamps I hadn’t known they had in their collection! The scale, the proportion, the color; Oh My! Must have 2!

Kristina Crestin Design Blog ABC Home Cisco2. Another vendor which I’ve used allot of before but can’t see here in Boston is Madeline Weinrib rugs. I’ve used them numerous times as the colors are great and some of her patterns are quite interesting. The way she plays with scale in her patterns I like allot. Being able to visit ABC Home and touch and feel the pieces again was pretty great. I only wish someone here sold them! (HINT HINT).

Kristina Crestin Design ABC Home3.  These cuties caught my eye as they were simple and fun; both attributes of which I like to repeat as often as I can in an interior. The yellow and orange caught my eye and at just under $300 a steal!  It’s called the post counter stool … no idea which vendor!

Kristina Crestin Design ABC home4. I kept coming back to this dining table as the asymmetry of the butterfly joinery I thought was really interesting. Made but a Brooklyn artist Jim Denney; each piece obviously is one of a kind. Wish I had a job that fit his work right now, I totally want to take it home to hold onto for when I ‘needed it’ for a project. Don’t think the husband would enjoy an extra table kicking around though!

ABC Home Kristina Crestin Design 5. I always wanted to see these pendants from Tom Dixon in person, in photos they always just looked too fun! In real life they are even better, they glow and the warm coppery color inside is just gorgeous. I think you can’t have just one though, you may need 7, or 9 … or heck even 13!

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