Post-Design Bloggers Conference: Shopping Rejuvenation

March 14th, 2013

I think I hit furnishings overload while in LA. Too many sources for my brain to take in. The Rejuvenation store was across from HD Buttercup. I’ve ordered for years from them but have never set foot in a store. Some women have shoe problems, I have a lighting problem! It was hard for Stacey and I to move onto the next stop; but we managed to tear ourselves away, but not before photographing every light we loved in ever finish imaginable. Check out the cool Plumen compact fluorescent lightbulb. Neat to see it in a fixture you would never expect to see it in. This is the one CFL out there that doesn’t make me twitch!

Kristina Crestin Desgin_ Rejuvenation stop

Photos: All taken by Stacey or I in the LA Rejuvenation Store.

2 Responses to “Post-Design Bloggers Conference: Shopping Rejuvenation”

  1. Rachael says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing the design friendly alternative, Plumen. My husband works in the sustainable design industry and has switched out everyone one of our fixtures to CFL. I will be replacing the exposed bulbs in our bathroom STAT!

  2. Glad you liked! Just wait for my next post on drool worth uses of Plumen bulbs! As a CFL hater I am starting to come around …..

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