Design Scheme: Mossy Oceanside Glass Starts Out a Kitchen Design

July 1st, 2013

It’s neat lately how often we’re working with other finishes besides the tried and true satin nickel. This design is slowly getting pulled together as we have been looking at materials and lighting. It’s being developed passively as we work on other things, which is nice as when you have more time you can really work through an idea and concept. I’ve been dreaming about the Ralph Pucci Lianne Gold sconce, so its pretty thrilling to work it into a design. That combined with the Rocky Mountain Bronze sink – the Alturus apron front – holy wow!~

Blog Post layout algea oceanside glass

Rocky Mountain Deck Mount Faucet, Ralph Pucci Lianne Gold sconce . Glass tile Oceanside Glass, Sink Rocky Mountain Bronze sink Alturus apron front.

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