In the Press: BHG Kitchen and Bath Ideas: 1 Kitchen 2 Budgets – Materials Coming Together

December 23rd, 2013

As a follow up to sharing the¬†Better Homes & Gardens¬†Kitchen and Bath Ideas spread ‘One Kitchen, 2 Budgets’ I wanted to share some more of the materials and images behind the design since not everything we selected showed up in the magazine. It was exciting to see the spread but at the same time weird since it was just a design exercise, it wasn’t actually being built!

Below are pics of the materials and colors as we were evolving the design.

kristina crestin design BHG  one kitchen 2 budgetsAs we were working through the design process Kelly and I had this active ‘tray’ of materials as we kept playing with colors and finishes, really working through how much color to bring in, and of course where to stop with the color (since you really can go overboard)

kristina crestin design BHG one kitchen 2 budgetsMaterials in the photos: bubble door & cabinet knobs from Anthropologie, multi colored scalloped tile is custom colored Tabarka moroccan tile from Discover Tile. The lovely rich indigo blue cast iron sample is a stunning sink color from Kohler. The green shiplap cabinet door is a custom cabinet design that Premier Builders made for me.

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