Project in Process: Brookline Master Bath

June 20th, 2013

Brass. Yes brass. I said it again!  We seem to be exploring such a range of finishes lately it’s exciting. We jumped recently into an ever growing project with a past client as they decide to relocate closer to the city. It’s an exciting transition to a new style (think 50′s modern) and a new design direction to work in. We’re updating most of the bathrooms and this Master Bath palette came together rather quickly. She gravitated towards the shimmery opaque flax glass tile at first and we worked on developing a rich, sophisticated, layered palette from there. We mixed a warm grey with it for contrast, even considering a textured wallpaper in those same rich warm grey tones. Materials palette images are below.

For the vanity I sent her on a shopping trip to Machine Age to look at some vintage pieces – thinking if we could source locally and reuse something rather than buying new that would be great. In a flurry of emailing and texting images so I could sketch different options in elevation we arrived at the piece below, a 1950′s John Stuart Dresser. From the Master Bedroom you look directly into the bath, seeing this vanity area. I am working at making it more ‘room’ feeling and less ‘bathroom’ feeling. To do that I was thinking of trying to camouflage the mirror area into the overall wall – great sconces of course for good illumination, and adding pictures and art all over the rest of the wall as I sketched out below. Working yet again with Mindy at Designer Bath, she helped us explore some neat sink options, settling on this great Wet Style vessel that is a long oval, which actually has subtle points at each end. We’re sitting it asymmetrically on the dresser and even setting the wall mounted faucet off to one end.

Lastly, thinking of the ‘jewelry’ of the room I pitched this super cool burnished brass lantern to hang over the tub area, more of a mood light for a twinkle of light that anything else. But it will anchor a corner of the bath, filling up some of the volume and layering over a very large wall of tile. We ordered that recently along with the mirror, which looks like it was made for the design of the space. I love when things come together! The sconces are already in as well as the mirror and lantern. Plumbing rough in starts next week. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Brookline master bath

Photo sourcing: top and bottom are our studio shots, dresser from Machine Age , scones are the Graceful Ribbon Sconce from Visual Comfort, Faucet and shower valves are from Newport Brass through Designer Bath.

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