Project in Process: Stone Cottage Kitchen: Cabinets Are Painted!

July 12th, 2013

There are certain points in a project when you really enjoy a site visit. Recently we had the cabinet hardware placement meeting and we hadn’t been out to the site in a few days. It was the big reveal! The cabinets had been painted that pretty sea green in the meantime. Seeing it done for the first time, especially with the quartzite herringbone floor was delightful. Moroccan tile should be going in as we speak – and it’s going all the way to the ceiling! Ya! Check back for updates.

Blog Post x_ stone cottage painted cabinetry JPGCabinetry by David McWilliams – 978.314.2766; Painting by Steve Stasiak – 978-317-2022; GC: Kettle Cove Builders – 978.778.4104, Plumbing: Goodall Plumbing & Heating Inc – 978-778.4104; Electrical: Manchester Electric - 978.526.1194.

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