Project in Process: Stone Cottage Kitchen: Custom Tile Order

July 11th, 2013

Custom work can he exciting, but daunting at the same time. For the stone cottage kitchen we knew we wanted something that didn’t look perfect and new and we wanted some pattern and color; but not too much. Starting with what samples the moroccan tile vendor did have and a color tile board we played around with 4 or 5 custom tile strike off’s in our colors. Most of them were bad – thank goodness for strike offs before an order!

One was the diamond in the rough though, and from there we were able to make the key below to be 100% clear what we were ordering. A majority of the tiles were the same pattern repeat, but we wanted to add a few asymmetrical pops of darker colors, so the tile to the bottom left is where we decided if we colored one corner slightly darker; 4 tiles together in the pattern would make a nice little dot of color. ┬áThe drawings below were our working drawings of figuring out pattern repeat and then in turn where we wanted this little darker ‘pop’ to be. Poor Ralph, the tile guy. He’s going to kill me! Nothing straightforward here!Blog Post x_Stone cottage Moroccan tile order JPGMoroccan tiles from Discover Tile.


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