Project in Process: Stone Cottage Kitchen with Custom Sea Green Moroccan Tile!

July 3rd, 2013

Surprise surprise – I am working on a job with a lovely sea green color! I didn’t suggest this, really. This client, whom I’ve worked with before has a love of sea green, so working on another space with her  was a blast; since clearly I am no stranger to the world of blue-greens.

We played around with lots of palettes and materials, looking to achieve something that didn’t appear too new, as the kitchen is located in an old stone cottage – but still somehow had our favorite color worked in. It is a tiny tiny awkward space, so the layout was a challenge and materials could be as well. We ended up taking a risk and going for an all over pattern, counter to ceiling in the whole kitchen. Having that approved I pitched painting the cabinets a color rather than a linen white as she was already familiar with. That was a go too! Dreamy. Happy girl here.  The cabinet doors are going to be a subtle v-groove full overlay door to keep it simple.

We had to go through a round of custom strike-offs, which was a great process as this final design was a last minute add I noted on the fly when standing in Discover Tile  finalizing the order. Good thing for samples! It was like Christmas when they came in – see below. Those were some fun boxes to unpack. Shots showing the tile pattern repeat are below as well. Install is starting soon!

Blog Post 67_Cottage Kitchen tile JPGIf you are interested in the tile call Discover Tile , 617-330-7900.


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  1. Sherry Hart says:

    Beautiful tile….love it all!

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