Project Process: Big’ P’s Living Room Materials

November 25th, 2013

Seeing the Living Room come together isn’t as exciting as say the lighting install as the Living Room is more about the view than the decorating; so we’ve been very judicious about the furniture we have picked. The client fell in love very early on (and I mean VERY, this sofa has been in storage for over a year – thats after the SUPER long lead time and getting it here from Europe!) a really interesting sofa from B&B Italia called the ‘bend’. It’s amorphous and a bit of a puzzle. It’s pretty cool and the details get this girl exciting – check out the contrast stitching on one of the images below. We’re pairing that with an ottoman from Holly Hunt that doubles as an ottoman. We’ve also had that on hand for quite awhile, we we’re really good early on making key decisions and getting orders in as construction was happening. It gave us time to go visit pieces in storage!

Kristina Crestin Design Big P Living Room Lighting: LZF Pendant light from Casa Design in Boston, B&B Italia sofa from Montage and Holly Hunt ottoman from Webster & Co.

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