Project Process: Cisco Lighting Sizing

May 30th, 2013

We’re working with my favorite lights! Well, some of my favorite as I have a little ‘lighting’ problem. (I have these in my own dining room) We have a long table, and will be longer soon when she trades in her existing for an 8′ one. Lighting that length can be a challenge – functionally as well as aesthetically. We want to disburse the light down the length of a table but visually we also want to fill the volume above the space, anchoring it.

Here I worked with Mohr & McPherson who sells these Cisco Jug Lights among other things. They worked with me to over sizing, what sizes have what sockets (and what the max wattage is of each) and what the wiring can look like. Whew. Hopefully we’ll place an order soon!

Blog Post 50_Cisco Ellens jugs jpg

Photo credit: Top photo I took at High Point Furniture Market in the fabulous massive ┬áCisco showroom, 3 turquoise jug lights pulled from Greige’s Blog, Multiple lights from Remodelista, Room vignette with a cluster of lighting from Cisco’s Blog, and the sketches I did for the client so we could review scale and wattage calculations.

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