Project Process: Our Own Office – Backsplash Tile Install

August 12th, 2014

It’s happening, finally! Really! After waiting for my lovely tile guys to be available (and waiting … and waiting .. and waiting) I get them here  and SURPRISE!! Not enough tiles. Yup. Don’t know what we missed but there definitely weren’t enough to do the tile job. Yikes.

Phone a friend time. A quick call to my lovely tile supplier Suzanne at Discover Tile who sells these bricks from Artistic Tile and more were being sent out right away. Thank goodness.

Kristina Crestin Design_Office Backsplash A

As the tile is going in I can’t help but play with the new faucet. It’s the Karbon faucet from Kohler that we literally just got working the other day – chrome with carbon fiber accents. It articulates at all sorts of points and has a cool joystick-like lever for on/off. Works well for our little kitchenette sink.

Kristina Crestin Design_Office Backsplash Kohler Faucet B

Ok, after getting distracted by the fun faucet I went back to work … then with the suspense killing me I pop back into the kitchen and the last piece is going in! Ya! Check out how good a job Al did with the random staggered running bond pattern. Not all that easy to get it looking so random without looking bad. Nice job Al!

Kristina Crestin Design_Office Backsplash Kohler Faucet C

Sadly at this point we wait. Overnight. Booo hisssss. While we sleep it will set and grouting can happen tomorrow – raven’s black grout here we come! So it definitely starts to look worse before it gets better …. next up – Al will wash it down and we’ll see the sparkling finish. Stay tuned for pics!

Kristina Crestin Design_Office Backsplash Kohler Faucet DSourcing: Tile from Artistic Tile through Discover Tile. Kitchen faucet is Kohlers Karbon faucet which you can source through our local Kohler Signature Store in Natick. Tile Mansfield Tile Design: 508-889-8115. Calcutta marble counters by Athena Marble and Granite. Cabinet knobs from the Lotus Collection by DuVerre sold at Raybern Hardware.

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